Wonder Women Tech Manifesto

The New Paradigm Is Here

We’re thrilled to announce that the old way of doing business is over. Organizations face increasing challenges with new organizational structures; new markets, new products and services; new management systems; and new technology infrastructures. This requires a new lens through which to see an entirely different way of doing things.

We are a vision-driven multi-stakeholder organization with a focus on global stakeholder engagement, focused research and development of methods to foster the shift in corporate behavior that enhances rather than depletes diversity and inclusion for women in all S.T.E.A.M. fields. We’re co-creating a shared language so that we may work together towards suitable and effective change. Our programs and tools facilitate action so that we may more quickly identify and achieve desired results together.

We aim to help to lead this shift and to choose an approach for our organization and its stakeholders that is future-ready in order to ensure a prosperous future for all. United by our vision, mission and values, we commit to foster a collaborative culture of diverse innovation, collective action and respect. Below we’ve developed a statement of our shared guiding principles and affirmations that underpin the way we work together with all of our stakeholders and inform everything we do at every level of our organization. Please join us in building this equally supportive community to ensure a vibrant, healthy, happy and prosperous future for all.

  • We are genuinely interested in what others are doing and are incessant about developing lasting meaningful, productive and fair relationships with our stakeholders based on mutual commitment, trust and openness.
  • We operate from a foundation of upholding relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • We challenge businesses to think about their current assumptions. We help to develop appropriate strategies for implementing diversity and inclusion and assist in planning a path forward towards success.
  • We embrace the courage to say “no, thank you” to inappropriate action and do not tolerate any harassing behavior.
  • We must co-create a safe, collaborative and empowering culture that amplifies stakeholders’ voices and experiences.
  • We act with respect by striving to make all stakeholders feel heard, valued and influential.
  • We aspire to represent the voices and opinions of our stakeholders authentically.
  • We must seek reliable information and use appropriate metrics to better understand and validate all organizational programming and behavior.
  • We must consistently facilitate and act on rigorous stakeholder feedback, and use it to improve our organization on an ongoing basis.
  • We evoke collaboration by consistently engaging and sharing insights with all stakeholders to demonstrate how they can contribute directly to our community’s ongoing growth and success.
  • We will always act with integrity, knowing that approaching others with authenticity and compassion is our pathway towards generating respect and success.
  • We are committed to fostering innovation and providing opportunities for education, inspiration, growth, and awareness for women and diversity in STEAM fields through our events, workshops and initiatives.
  • We believe in an open source/open communication ecosystem and seek to create an environment and platform that sustains our mission.
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