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Stacey Kumagai

posted by Wonder Women Tech | October 23, 2017

Leveling Up with Wonder Women Tech

Stacey Kumagai is a transformational life & business wellness reinvention communications coach with Linkronicity (www.linkronicity.com). Her specialty is transforming personal, career and spiritual connection through linking one’s journey toward their destiny. She tweaks unhealthy links that no longer serve a purpose, creating change ‘within’ by reintroducing healthy links for MIND, BODY SOUL and SPIRIT WELLNESS.

As a communications specialist for thirty years,(www.braingasm.com) she empowers you to bridge communications between your cell system, heart, mind and soul lifestyle goals. Her mission is to improve human and soul connection relations to one’s TRUE self and internal inspiration to create bridges for spirit health and soul well-being.


Wonder Women Tech

How do you define being a female pioneer?

Stacey Kumagai

My definition of being a female pioneer is perhaps a little different than most. Being a third-generation Japanese American entrepreneur who has embraced her purpose beyond her “human” being, I have no ego in what I do, being a pioneer is my soul’s mission. That may sound ‘weird’ but my truth about being a female pioneer is to fight my stereotype human vessel exterior, (shatter ideas accepted by my culture from my generation as a Gen-Xer sitting on the post-Boomer cusp) rise with the challenge of my ‘chosen’human flesh puppet, and HONOR THE SOUL inside to be authentic to who I really am. Now most women, will understand this from the female perspective of shattering glass ceilings. However, only our humans are women, our souls know no gender. So to be a pioneer you have to realize there are no ceilings at all, you can only rise to your highest potential if you choose to keep moving onward and upward beyond the zenith of your own perception of challenges. We are only in competition with ourselves. Taking risks, and breaking ground has translated to taking a road less traveled to honor my own purpose. This took courage even if it meant the risk for most of my family members to disown me for my choices of going against the grain or being a salmon upstream. If you know your life purpose is for the greater good of humanity, it is a call you must answer and that is what defines being a pioneer to me as you shine through your owned sacrifices and make the world a better place.

Wonder Women Tech

How did you become a pioneer in your own right?

Stacey Kumagai

It isn’t something I became, rather it was a call I had to answer truthfully and choose to OWN it. Trust me, it took time and DEEP reflection. Best summed up at length here in my blog about ALL OR NOTHING: https://linkronicity.blogspot.com/2017/08/your-link-to-all-or-nothing.html

I have worked in thirty-three industries – entertainment, broadcast media, literary, culinary, health & wellness, fine arts, eco/environmental, fashion, OEM manufacturing, technology, agriculture, cosmetology, special events, automotive, architecture, metaphysical, and the list goes on. These ‘shaped’me and I understood I had to broaden and expand my entire world to provide myself the foundation to break out of molds to be the maverick.

Fear could not be present in my life. If you want to be a pioneer you have to lead and sometimes you are required to do it blindly. Sometimes you have to be a captain, regardless if anyone is yet aboard your ship. It’s not an easy path, sometimes it is a lonely lone warrior one-person army path until other people gracefully ‘accept you’ as you without judgment. That is what I did… but I did not do it consciously, I just did it intuitively. My mother had a 26-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer and it was her journey that created my destiny where I realized her sacrifices paved the way for my owning my pioneer life. Studying neuroscience, psychology (to understand her disease and brain deterioration) and health and wellness (how her mind-over-body healed her breast cancer into remission) – lead me here as a life coach. But it was my awareness taking my brain in overdrive since my own mother’s couldn’t, I utilized my sensory perception to be open to signs around me as my own internal life GPS navigation which is what I show my life coaching clients to do. But this did not happen overnight, it happened as I built my own Media Monster Communications PR and Marketing firm and then do the scary thing which was to leap from this. For more on this, https://linkronicity.blogspot.com/2017/09/embracing-link-of-your-creative.html

Wonder Women Tech

How would you like our new generation to #LevelUp?

Stacey Kumagai

I want the new generation to #LevelUp in realizing women don’t have to apologize for their own fire. For years, my own real battle in life has been people ‘not accepting’ my strength and trying to tell me to ‘dial it down.’ I had a male exec recruiter once tell me to ‘think small’ and to ‘dumb down’ who I was, shut my mouth and not be so vocal, or I was never going to be employable as I would intimidate most men. Really? Wow. Sorry, I cannot subscribe to that, and neither should the next generation!

I say…. You never need to dim your light in order for someone else to shine. Be who you are and help ignite the light in others.. The new generation needs to understand that being strong not only is beautiful, courageous and necessary, but it is what is going to continue to open other doors for generations to come.

Additionally, since I have been a mentor for over thirty years, even when I was super young looking for a mentor myself, I want to encourage the next generation to not turn a blind eye to helping another woman, no matter what level they are at. We all can learn something from one another. I’ve been dismissed by so many women who were too anxious themselves to climb some ladder, they were ‘too busy’ to help. I made a vow to always stay open to sharing and shining my light however I can, because this is the only way we can create change, if we work TOGETHER.

Wonder Women Tech

What does it take for us to continue empowering women and underrepresented communities in STEAM to become overcome diversity and inclusive issues in today’s world?

Stacey Kumagai

This takes more than collective consciousness… it takes more than a village, it takes more than hashtags about diversity, it’s an actual hands-on-proactive-action-oriented movement where people actually walk their talk. As an entrepreneurial minority woman in STEAM who has been fighting the good fight for more than three decades, I see that we need to work on a united front, AUTHENTICALLY.

However, it can’t be just talk. Through the three decades of my career which have been all about DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION for the bigger picture of the world through education, inspiration, entertainment and global philanthropic efforts, I see a lot of talkers, but few ‘step up’ and with those who ‘step up’– they get overwhelmed and seldom do they help others ‘rise.’I am presently seeking literary representation for five diverse full-length contemporary commercial novels and sixty kids books. Diversity to me means all ethnicities, disabled (I prefer handicapable), and LGBT communities and that is the foundation of all my literary works.

With that, I’ve been very active in seeing that it is beyond education as well as the bravery of more pioneers to not fear for their jobs because they take a risk on someone’s push for diversity. There are many who have utilized their voices, for which I say ‘bravo’– but voices alone are not enough. While there are many ‘little engines’ that could and yes they are taking a stand, we need more support from mainstream (commercial, corporate, the bigger system) for this to materialize. Otherwise, these little engines can’t grow and are restricted by the confines of traditional, even if the ‘indies’ are consciously doing their hardest work upstream to try to make things happen. Only when we come together to sincerely strive in the same breath for the bigger picture will see things change.

stacey kumagai


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