Rose Wang
National Women's Business Council

Rose Wang

Council Member, National Women’s Business Council

Rose Wang is a highly regarded IT strategist and a technology entrepreneur serving as a Council Member to the National Women’s Business Council. Indeed, she is a self-described serial entrepreneur, as she has been responsible for numerous startups. She founded Binary Group in 1996, a company recognized many times throughout its 18-year history for the exceptional results it delivered. The organization sold in successive events since late 2015, and she is currently transitioning the company to new ownership. In 2013, Fortune recognized her one of the Most Powerful Woman Entrepreneurs that year. Early in her career, Rose was a pivotal engineering team member at Lighthouse Design, a Silicon Valley startup. After acquisition of Lighthouse Design by Sun Microsystems, she founded an IT consulting company, securing contracts from Fortune 500 organizations such as MCI, Fannie Mae and Sprint. She later joined a venture-backed startup called InLine Software as Chief Architect, where she led product development.

In addition to her successful entrepreneurial history, Rose is a recognized authority on small business issues and government procurement policies. She is a revered member of the NWBC, where she actively participates in the research and policy committee advocating for fairness in small business procurement practices. Rose serves as a representative of Women Impacting Public Policy on the National Women’s Business Council.

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