joseph bryant jr

Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr.

Regional Field Director for Rev. Jesse Jackson; National Director, Rainbow Push Sports

Since 1999, Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr. has served as a life coach, counselor, and consultant to professional teams, athletes and their families. Supporting athletes both on and off the field, Dr. Bryant provides guidance and training to develop positive life skills, techniques to handle the challenges of a high-profile lifestyle, strategy in creative effect business and community engagements, and direction for post-career/retirement transition management and planning. ​Known to many in the athletic world as “The Players’ Pastor”, Dr. Bryant offers confidential Life Management services in a number of areas including crisis intervention, conflict resolution, anger management, family/relationship counseling, and seeks to provide a PERSONAL GAME PLAN for success.

Dr. Bryant is the National Sports Director for Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, serving as liaison to the sports industry, organizing sports workshops and training events, and facilitating partnership engagements with the NCAA, NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. Dr. Bryant also serves as a consultant to sports organizations, agents and others leaders in the sports world, and is the Life Coach and Advisor for the Pro Athlete Business Group. He is highly sought Motivational Speaker, Moderator and Event Coordinator, host and producer of the “The Shout Out Show” broadcast on positive sports messaging, and is a member of the Advisory Board, a blogger and speaker for the K.I.N.G. Men’s Movement founded by ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Dr. Bryant is a prolific strategist and organizer, using his vast experience and bandwidth for corporate and community networking, programmatic planning, sports and athletic business development and diversity within the sports industry. He is involved with several player foundations and charities, and has assisted numerous athletes in developing projects and organizations to impact their communities. A trusted advisor to sports, business and community organizations, teams, associations and individuals, Dr. Bryant not only offers a wealth of expertise but provides training through the power of sports principles: teamwork, dedication, game planning, etc. – as he leads his constituents to reach their goals by maximizing the connection between WINNING IN SPORTS and WINNING IN LIFE!

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