Wonder Women Tech 2016 Speakers

Here’s a Sneak Peek of just some of the amazing speakers you’ll enjoy at Wonder Women Tech.
We’ve had hundreds of diverse speakers apply to be part of our 2016 conference from over 20 countries!

New speakers are added daily.
Stay tuned for more speaker and keynote announcements!

shannon hematian

Shannon Hematian

Co-Founder & CFO of Pip Tompkin Studio

almas jiwani

Almas Jiwani

President Emeritus UN Women NC Canada – CEO Almas Jiwani Foundation

rochelle briscoe

Rochelle Briscoe

Special Assistant to President Obama in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel

ellen petry leanse

Ellen Petry Leanse

Leadership and Innovation Strategist, Former Google Exec

yvonne darlene cagle md

Yvonne Darlene Cagle, M.D.

Space and Life Sciences Directorate at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

soledad antelada

Soledad Antelada

Computer Systems Engineer at United States Department of Energy & Founder of GirlsCanHack

cameron kashani

Cameron Kashani

“Godmother of Silicon Beach”

dominique deguzman

Dominique DeGuzman

Software Engineer & Co-Founder/Organizer of Diversity & Inclusion Program, Twilio

maira benjamin

Maira Benjamin

Director of Engineering at Pandora

gene teare

Gene Teare

Director of Content at CrunchBase & Co-Founder of London’s first Internet Cafe

kathy e magliato

Kathy E. Magliato, MD, MBA, FACS

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Founder, CEO and CMO of  Cordex Systems Inc

julian scaff

Julian Scaff

UX/UI Professor at General Assembly & Author

tyler griffin

Tyler Griffen

Co-Founder of Prism Money, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Center for Financial Services Innovation

dr carol lynn curchoe

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

CEO,President of 32ATPs and LLC,CSO of EduPaper Products

emilia schatz

Emilia Schatz

Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog

natasha awasthi

Natasha Awasthi

Writer, Principal Business Designer, EPAM Healthcare & Sr. Product Manager, Collective Health

melissa guy

Melissa Guy

President at Asset Media Group Inc.

maica gil

Maica Gil

Founder and Organizer of the SF International Women Entrepreneurs Forum and Co-Founder at Heroikka

dom brassey

Dom Brassey

VP of Growth for Lesbians Who Tech

jennifer p howland

Jennifer P. Howland

Executive, Pathways for Experienced Technical Women at IBM

melinda briana epler

Melinda Briana Epler

CEO at Change Catalyst & Co-Founder of Tech Inclusion Conference

deldelp medina

Deldelp Medina

Founder and CEO of Avión Ventures

everette taylor

Everette Taylor

VP of Marketing at Skurt

elena christopoulos

Elena Christopoulos

Principal of ECMC and Scientist

kimberly king

Kimberly King

CEO, Social Entrepreneur & Global Change Agent
elvina beck

Elvina Beck

Founder of PodShare.co

phil clark

Phil Clark

Chief Creative Officer for Exygy

birgit penzenstadler

Birgit Penzenstadler

Assistant Professor for Software Engineering at California State University Long Beach

lori steele contorer

Lori Steele Contorer

Founder and CEO of Everyone Counts

dalia macphee

Dalia Macphee

Hollywood Fashion Designer & Creator of World’s First Light Up Jeans

lisa mae brunson

Lisa Mae Brunson

Founder of Wonder Women Tech

cody jensen

Cody Jensen

Founder and CEO of SearchBloom

Headshot for Kimberly Adams

Kimberly Adams

Founder and Managing Partner of Flying Bridges

rania hoteit

Rania Hoteit

CEO and Co-Founder of ID4A Technologies

alexandra kinloch

Alexandra Kinloch

Director of The Inside Academy, Top Australian Female Entrepreneurs Under 40’ in both 2014 and 2015, Serial Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Business Consultant


sylvia vaquer

Sylvia Vaquer

Co-founder & Creative Director of SocioFabrica and Nicho

tanya lindermeier

Tanya Lindermeier

Founder of TopGirlCoder

tania katan

Tania Katan

Evangelist at Axosoft & Co-Founder of “It Was Never A Dress” Campaign

tarsha mccormick

Tarsha McCormick

Head of Diversity and Inclusion for ThoughtWorks North America

claire hough

Claire Hough

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Udemy

vivian simoyama

Vivian Shimoyama

Executive Director of the Goldman Sachs, 10,000 Small Business Program for the Southern California Region

sabeen ali

Sabeen Ali

Founder and CEO of AngelHack

marjorie asturias

Marjorie R. Asturias

Happiness Engineer at Automattic

mark politi

Mark Politi

CEO of Discover-able, CEO of MP Public Relations

yoonjin chang

YoonJin Chang

Director of Business Development and Co-Founder of LifeSite & Miss Korea 2010

jamie myrold

Jamie Myrold

Sr. Director of Experience Design at Adobe

emily hossellman

Emily Hossellman

Director of Marketing for Centercode

heather vancure

Heather VanCura

Group Director of Java Community Process at Oracle

kevin behan

Kevin Behan

Director of Academics at UCode

amy roiland

Amy Roiland

Visionary and Founder of FashionTap

elizabeth ames

Elizabeth Ames

SVP of Strategic Marketing, Alliances and Programs at Anita Borg Institute

autumn greco

Autumn Greco

 Teen Scientist & Wilhelmina Model

jenny grant rankin

Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D.

Lecturer, University of Cambridge & TEDTalk Speaker

mckenzie slaughter

McKenzie Slaughter

Founder & CEO of Prohaus VC

liat tsoref

Liat Tsoref

VP & GM, Digital Health BU at EarlySense

punam nagpal

Punam Nagpal

Product Manager at Cisco

elisa camahort page

Elisa Camahort Page

 Co-founder of BlogHer, Chief Community Officer of SheKnows Media 

letha mclaren

Letha McLaren

CMO of Icontrol Networks


Starr Barbour

Chief Executive Officer of STILLGOING

mary matyas

Mary Matyas

SVP of Client Solutions at Performics

terry bayer

Terry P. Bayer

Chief Operating Officer for Molina Healthcare

keith wilson

Keith Wilson, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer of Molina Healthcare

martha bernadett

Martha Molina Bernadett

 Family Physician and Co-Founder of Molina Healthcare

rick hopfer

Rick Hopfer

Chief Information Officer at Molina Healthcare

meera bhatia

Meera Bhatia

VP of Product Management at Stella & Dot Family Brands

mary siek

Mary Syiek

SVP, Provider and Member Engagement & Operations at Molina Healthcare

karli henriquez

Karli Henriquez

Media Influencer,Vice President of Programming at Dash Radio

katie rosen kitchens

Katie Rosen Kitchens

Co-Founder of FabFitFun

danielle levine

Danielle Levine

Director of Business & Legal Affairs at FabFitFun

lynn perkins

Lynn Perkins

CEO & Founder of UrbanSitter

lea endres

Lea Endres

Co-Founder and President of NationBuilder Stories

gina davis

Gina Davis

Vice President of Professional Services at NationBuilder

whitney hopple

Whitney Hopple

Associate Mechanical Engineer at Virgin Galactic

hannah mccallum

Hannah McCallum

Propulsion Test Engineer at Virgin Galactic

julia tizard

Julia Tizard

Senior Director of Operations at Virgin Galactic

cheryl black

Cheryl Black

CEO of YOU Technology

nicole lewis

Nicole Lewis

Propulsion Engineer at Virgin Galactic

deena pierott

Deena Pierott

Founder of iUrban Teen

ana martinez

Ana Martinez

 Chief Technology Officer at PowerToFly 

katharine zaleski

Katharine Zaleski

Co-Founder & President of PowerToFly

adonica shaw

Adonica Shaw

Digital Media Strategist, TEDx Speaker

scarlett sieber

Scarlett Sieber

SVP of Global Business Development of BBVA & Top Women to Watch in FinTech

tiffany l rider

Tiffany L. Rider

 Director of Operations at CritiqueIt Inc, VP of Digital Strategy at Truth In Media, Co-Founder of Chicks Can Code

jenny q ta

Jenny Q. Ta

Founder & CEO of Sqeeqee.com and Co-founder of VCNetwork.Co 

miranda lee

Miranda Lee

Founder of LX Labs

april wensel

April Wensel

Software Engineer and Founder, Compassionate Coding

terrylene sacchetti

Terrylene Sacchetti

Deaf Actress, Educator, CEO of Clerc’s Children

holly berkley

Holly Berkley

Founder/CEO of BlissSmart

michelle patterson

Michelle Patterson

CEO of Women Network LLC & President of California Women’s Conference

aniesia williams

Aniesia Williams

Vice President of Branding & Strategic Partnerships
Project NOW/Clinton Global Initiative

jennifer wang

Jennifer Wang

Co-Founder of Dealmoon.com

vincent jones

Vincent Jones

Founder, CEO, Chief Strategist of Reinvent Communications

vida ghaffari

Vida Ghaffari

Actress, Voice-over Artist and Fashion Blogger.

danielle letay

Danielle Letayf

 #BUILTBYGIRLS Program & Community Manager

anastasia efremkina

Anastasia Efremkina


jennifer wang

Jennifer Wang


rachell gnotofsky

Rachel Ignotofsky

Author, Illustrator and Designer

loni spratt

Loni Spratt

Customer Success at Entelo

barbara ann yates

Barbara-Ann Yates

Founder of Womaneuvers

dana morgan

Dana Morgan

Director of Strategic Initiatives at DAQRI

tiffany yu

Tiffany Yu

Social Entrepreneur, Tech Inclusion Advocate, Founder of Diversability

vicki zhou

Vicki Zhou

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of WiseBanyan

june sugiyama

June Sugiyama

Director of the Vodafone Americas Foundation

angela madsen

Angela Madsen

Founder, Director of California Adaptive Rowing Program, US Paralympic Gold Medalist

yulia laricheva

Yulia Laricheva

Co-Founder/Product Manager for Fund Dreamer

rev dr stephanie rose

Rev. Dr. Stephany Rose

Activist, Public Commentator Associate Professor at  University of Colorado

kendall romine

Kendall Romine

 Growth Expert and Business Development Leader at GrowthX

lolita taub

Lolita Taub

Founder of The F SHOW

jennifer jones

Jennifer Jones

 Growth Expert and Business Development Leader at GrowthX

qiana patterson

Qiana Patterson

Ed Tech Executive

allison metcalfe

Allison Metcalfe,

VP of Customer Success, LiveRamp

atul kamra

Atul Kamra

Managing Partner of SixThirty

mojen jenkins

Mojen Jenkins

Creative & Technical Director,The Noisemakers

elyse kaye

Elyse Kaye

Founder, CEO of Aha Product Solutions

Founder, CEO of Bloom Bras

Headshot for Elsa E Macias

Elsa E. Macias, NCWIT, Ph.D.

Research Analyst 

dr natalie petouhoff

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

Vice President, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research Inc.
ruby guillen

Ruby Guillen

Founder,CEO of Humanistictech.com

mark anthony thomas

Mark Anthony Thomas

Director of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Operations Innovation Team

maria pergolino

Maria Pergolino

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at APTTUS

krista whitley

Krista Whitley

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Executive Producer of “The Fabulous Furballs”

amy galland

Amy Galland

Founder and CEO of NTWC, Creator of flirtyQWERTY, Creator of Plume

sonya lee

Sonya Lee

Co-Founder and COO of Dude I Need A Truck

alexandria lafci

Alexandria Lacfi

Head of Operations and Co-Founder of New Story

lala castro

Lala Castro

Co-Founder of #LatinaGeeks, Founder of eLaLaC, Social Media Director at GigaSavvy

christine carrillo

Christine Carrillo

Co-Founder, CEO of Impact Health

nakeah fuller

Nakeah Fuller

Founder of the All About FACE Academy, Founder, CEO of Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood

diane beck

Diane Beck

Senior Project Manager at MUFG Union Bank

molly karcher

Molly Karcher

Senior Software Engineer at Skurt

jessica hasson

Jessica Hasson

CEO of Pulp PR

sasha horne

Sasha Horne

Journalist, Digital Tech Blogger, and Editor at MERRY JANE media

ariel clarke

Ariel Clarke

Cannabis Attorney/Advocate Green Frontier

adelia carrillo

Adelia Carrillo

CEO of Direct Cannabis Network

lynne lyman

Lynne Lyman

State Director, California Drug Policy Alliance

donna m bulford

Donna M. Bulford

Digital Marketing and Media Executive

amy poinsett

Amy Poinsett

CEO, Co-founder of MJ Freeway

dr jacqueline thao nguyen

Dr. Jacqueline Thao Nguyen

Clinical Pharmacist, CBD oil advocate, and TV medical contributor

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