Call for Proposals 2017

Programming Details & Submission Form

This call for proposals is an opportunity for you or your organization to submit innovative, bold programming ideas and concepts for consideration to be included in the Wonder Women Tech Conferences for 2017.

We are grateful for your interest in the 2017 Wonder Women Tech Conferences and events. The Call for Proposals is open between:

London: 12/1/16 – 3/1/17

Long Beach: 12/1/16 – 6/1/17

Washington DC: 12/1/16 – 09/15/17.

Our 2017 conferences theme is #WeAreChangemakers and we are exploring the Changemakers who are creating the next frontier for Innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We also seek to highlight the women and diverse individuals who have paved the way for future generations to pioneer STEAM. We are focused on providing 100% solutions-based oriented programming and will focus on what currently works, and how we can improve on it through innovation.

Each applicant is encouraged to submit a presentation proposal, including first-time presenters. We especially enjoy proposals from presenters with diverse backgrounds, including those with different nationalities, abilities, age groups, experience levels, and organizational and institutional types.

All submissions must relate directly to our mission and manifesto ( to highlight, celebrate and educate women and diversity in STEAM, which allows us to provide opportunities for national and global collaboration, to develop an ecosystem where women are supporting and mentoring other women, and to ensure educational and professional opportunities that foster diversity and inclusion.

Please also refer to our 2017 conference theme #WeAreChangemakers to make sure your topic is a good fit for this conference. How are YOU a Changemaker in the STEAM industries and what is the future of science and technology? How can we explore the intersection of the Arts and technology? What is the best way to reflect the cutting edge innovation and practice in the field, informed by theory, research, practice and development while remaining cognizant of issues of diversity and inclusion?

*Please Note: While we enjoy motivational and professional speaker submissions, we will give priority to proposals that directly related to STEAM related fields. This will allow us to ensure we provide an engaging and relevant conference experience. If you are a dynamic motivational or professional speaker, we encourage you to submit as we will still consider your proposal.


Proposal Process

Proposals can be submitted from December 1st, 2016 – September 15, 2017. We encourage you to submit your proposal as early as possible so that we may consider you in our programming. You may submit more than one proposal, but priority will be given to providing as many presenters the chance to present as possible.We will do our best to accommodate your presentation time request.

Your presentation proposal, once submitted, will be reviewed by our Program Committee comprised of Wonder Women Tech Advisory Board members and organizers, community members and professionals in STEAM. This group will vote on whether to include your presentation in our 2017 programs. Additionally, we will gain audience feedback by including your presentation topic on our website and/or via social media. This will provide the opportunity to share ideas and to workshop the presentation, while assessing the popularity of your topic or approach.


Presentation Guidelines

Presentations should be at least 10 – 20 minutes in length and no more than 45 minutes and all sessions must be completed (including Q&A) within one hour. Two hour and half-day/full-day sessions will be considered on a sponsorship basis. All breakout sessions will be held in one of the six breakout session rooms provided in the venue. All presentations will be recorded and released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. For more information on this, please visit: By submitting a presentation request, you are agreeing to these terms.

Interest in sponsorship or commercial presentations should be directed to Melissa Guy at: or

Proposals must be original submissions reflecting the innovation, work and ideas of the presenter. We will not tolerate plagiarism in any way, shape or form. Plagiarism will result in being banned from participating in the Wonder Women Tech conference and its initiatives indefinitely.


Successful Proposals Will

*Reflect innovation and cutting edge content within STEAM fields
*Provide advanced content for national and international professionals
*Present 100% Solutions-Based discussion, tools and resources
*Stimulate and provoke discussion and unique audience engagement
*Explore the intersection of the Arts and its relation to STEM
*Push our understanding of the future of technology
*Highlight, celebrate and/or educate women and diversity in STEAM
*Present evidence based on or supported by research
*Target either new, mid-career, or seasoned professionals
*Use multimedia and innovative approaches to enhance attendee experience and learning
*Explore issues important to diversity and inclusion
*Provide an immersive and exploratory approach to topics shared
*Present content that is solution-oriented and provides model practices that may be applied in different professional, real-world and educational settings
*Discover worldwide trends in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
*Provide outcome assessment and holistic student learning
*Ignite faculty engagement and curriculum innovation
*Discuss ethical issues and its solutions in the workplace
*Maintain cultural and human diversity in STEAM
*Explore how to repair the pipeline and close the Gender Gap


How To Submit Your Proposal

Please follow these guidelines carefully to ensure proper submission of your proposal. We want to hear your innovative ideas!

Important Instructions:

1. Join the WWT email list to receive general emails for those who have submitted proposals.

2. Review our website and make sure your topic aligns with the goals of this conference.

2018 Call for Proposals
We are excited to explore a variety of topics in 2018 as we highlight, celebrate and educate women and the underrepresented in STEAM industries. We will do a deep dive into exploring Diversity and Inclusion solutions, Interactive Technology (AI, VR, Robotics, IoT), Social Innovation, Policy, Entertainment Tech, Career and Leadership Development, and more!

Successful proposals will speak to a diverse audience, provide solution oriented discussion, and feature inspiring story-telling elements.

Have something unique to bring to the table? Please tell us all about it!

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