Dear friend,

Throughout history we have seen women and the underrepresented excluded from receiving corporate positions, high paying jobs, awards and recognition. They have been absent from conferences and special events, and denied equal access to higher education and career development opportunities. They are not provided the tools and resources that are available to others to achieve greater heights within their career and their lives.

As a woman who is of African American and Hispanic descent, who is also LGBTQ-identified and born hard-of-hearing, I have experienced my share of discrimination and disappointment. As I’ve worked hard to carve my place in the world, I have come up against the challenges so many women and underrepresented innovators face. The doors I have repeatedly come up against, and the conversations I have been left out of has painted a very bleak “future”. This world wasn’t created for us.

Or, that is what we have been led to believe.

But I envision a different future. I believe that we must become the change we wish to see in the world. So I have dedicated the rest of my life to being a #Changemaker.

This is my passion–investing in the underrepresented to encourage and educate our current and future generation in the STEAM industries. It’s time to invest in our future. It is not enough to view “diversity” and “inclusion” as buzzwords or a trendy topic of discussion. We must create an atmosphere to highlight, celebrate and educate those with little or no voice who are making great contributions in STEAM, and will have a lasting impact all around the globe.  

Diversity plays an important role in every business and in every part of the world. Diversity of thought, diversity of culture, diversity and inclusion is so vital to a healthy ecosystem. With these values in place, we collectively become Changemakers. It’s why I created Wonder Women Tech, to create an ecosystem for the underrepresented as innovators. I strive to uplift these communities and disrupt the traditional conference model, allowing the revolutionary content and important programming and discussions to impact all ages.

It’s time for a shift. Will you join me to create change?

At Wonder Women Tech we live to build community and make a difference as we Innovate. Empower. Ignite. Together, #WeAreChangeMakers!


With Gratitude,

Lisa Mae Brunson

Founder, Wonder Women Tech

lisa mae brunson
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